Companies and corporate law

We specialize in corporate law. We advise on the selection of the right structure of running a business, we support in establishing a company and its registration. We also provide comprehensive services to company bodies, prepare draft contracts, regulations and resolutions.

We offer a wide range of services in the field of developing, implementing, as well as negotiating optimal, for clients, transaction structures related to ownership changes, including due diligence of companies in legal and tax terms (as analysis of founding acts, financial documents and contracts), minimizing the risk of negative effects of the transaction.

Banking, Finance and Financial Regulation

We support in matters related to obtaining all kinds of financing. We advise financed parties on financing both transactions of enterprises and projects. Our support includes financing instruments: loans, public co-financing and collateral, financing of enterprises (corporate finance) and projects (project finance), financing for the acquisition of stocks, shares or assets (acquisition finance), including real estate. We are involved in all stages of obtaining financing (from support in agreeing on a term sheet, through negotiations of financing documentation, to completing the conditions for launching financing).

Mergers, acquisitions and transformations of companies

We advise on mergers, divisions and transformations of companies, including as part of restructuring processes of capital groups. We carry out transactions of transformation, merger, division and liquidation of companies. We check the legal and factual status of companies before making a transaction (due diligence). We create models of capital groups and implement the proposed structures.

Real Estate and Construction Law

We provide comprehensive services in the purchase and sale of real estate. We assist in the process from conducting an analysis of the legal status of real estate, through obtaining financing, preparing a draft contract to support in the tax settlement of transactions. We provide ongoing legal advice in the field of real estate law, including the preparation of draft lease agreements. We prepare and give opinions on contracts for construction works.

Restructuring and bankruptcy

We provide comprehensive advice in restructuring, insolvency and liquidation proceedings. We provide services from the moment of defining the problem by conducting consultations or negotiations with creditors and debtors, we prepare and submit bankruptcy petitions and security applications on behalf of clients.

Labour law

We specialize in creating employment contracts, mandate contracts, specific-task contract, managerial contracts, all regulations adequately to the needs of the employer, resolving disputes, preparing draft agreements between the employer and employees, we participate in employment restructuring processes, including merger processes and the transfer of the plant to another employer.

Training and workshops

We organize trainings for accountants, employees, board members and other students from any scope of regulations remaining in our competence. Our trainings are tailored to the needs of each client.


Design and implementation of compliance systems

We specialize in identifying areas particularly exposed to irregularities, as well as in determining the scope and procedures that should be applied in the company. As part of the design of the compliance system, our experts start their activities by determining the risk to the Client’s business. Risk determination allows to identify areas particularly vulnerable to irregularities. On this basis, the scope and type of procedures that should be applied in the enterprise will be determined.

Prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing

We provide services related to the implementation of regulations in the field of counteracting money laundering and terrorist financing, under which we develop AML procedures and conduct training in the Central Register of Beneficial Owners.

Reporting breaches to whistleblowers

We advise on the implementation of an effective system for reporting abuse in the organization. We offer support in the implementation of an effective system of fraud reporting channels in the organization, development of internal procedures for reporting and receiving reports of potential irregularities, verification of compliance of the system for reporting potential violations with the provisions of the Labor Code and with the provisions on the protection of personal data.

Compliance and compliance due diligence audits

We conduct compliance audits aimed at verifying the procedures in force in a given organization in terms of their effectiveness and success rate of performance in terms of action. Thanks to the cooperation of lawyers, tax advisors and accountants, we are able to verify accounting and financial procedures in terms of e.g. risk of potential conflict of interest, risk of misappropriation of company assets and compliance with tax law.


CIT – corporate tax, including Estonian CIT

We provide full support in the field of tax consequences of running a business, taking into account the specificity of accounting. Our goal is to provide our clients with tax efficiency while maintaining safety. We provide ongoing advice in the field of income tax and during inspections. Since 2022, after meeting certain criteria, taxpayers may use the so-called Estonian CIT as a form of taxation. Our team of experts will examine whether you qualify for the Estonian CIT, whether it will be effective and will support the change in the form of taxation.

Advising on the application of the R&D relief

Our assistance in obtaining R&D relief consists in e.g.: identification of undertaken research and development activities in the scope of the right to benefit from the relief, mapping of qualification costs, preparation and submission of an application for an individual interpretation in order to secure the right to benefit from the relief and support in the event of possible inspections in the scope of applying the relief.

Advice on the application of the robotization relief

The newly introduced relief for robotization is in force in the years 2022-2026 and is aimed at supporting the automation of economic activities of Polish entrepreneurs. The relief resembles the R&D relief, so it consists in the possibility of additional deduction of eligible costs, i.e. mainly those incurred for the purchase of new factory industrial robots, on certain terms. Our experts will help you determine whether the costs incurred are eligible for the robotization relief and will take all measures to secure your right to use it.

Consulting for the IT industry (IP Box relief, lump sum, R&D relief)

The IT industry has many opportunities in the context of reducing the tax burden through, e.g., IP Box relief, the possibility of taxation with a lump sum or R&D relief. As part of cooperation, we analyze contracts concluded by our clients in terms of research and development activities and the sale of copyright, we will prepare and submit applications for an individual interpretation and provide training on how to correctly and safely use the relief or change the form of taxation. We ensure security when choosing the right flat rate.

Tax incentives for new investments (PIZ)

The Polish Investment Zone has been operating since 2018 and has replaced the existing Special Economic Zones. It is a mechanism of state aid for investors from the industrial and modern services sectors. We provide our clients with support so that they can meet a number of requirements and formal obligations to qualify for public aid resulting from the Polish Investment Zone.


We offer a comprehensive set of services related to the obligation to report tax schemes (MDR), including developing procedures in cooperation with the Client, advising on the preparation of appropriate notifications, meeting the set deadlines or representing the Client in disputes with the authorities.

Tax Review

A tax review is an examination of irregularities in tax settlements, and thus the identification and elimination of tax risk. A professional tax review, based on the presented documentation and interviews, allows for objective verification of tax settlements. The result is a report describing the review, detected irregularities and recommendations for further steps of the Company.

Advice for employers

We offer our clients assistance in creating and implementing an effective human resources management policy. Our services include the tax consequences of hiring employees, including the introduction of 50% of tax-deductible costs for employees.

Property tax

We resolve doubts in the field of property tax settlement – we will indicate what should be taxed and how and when it should be taxed. We will help in the correct classification of real estate and in the optimization of property tax.

Tax disputes

We provide professional support in contacts with authorities and in disputes with them. Our services related to assistance during a tax or fiscal inspection include, in particular, the preparation of writings and explanations related to the inspection carried out at the Client’s and the preparation of applications for obtaining a written interpretation of the regulations.


We offer comprehensive advisory services in the field of VAT for both private and public taxpayers. We provide support in current operations and conduct consultations in the context of possible reduction of VAT risk and optimization of its settlements.

Tax risk management

We offer assistance in risk prevention, i.e. limiting it and protecting the Client against its negative effects, including financial ones, i.e. sanctions, penalties or interest. For this purpose, we prepare, based on the provisions of tax law, procedures that are meant to bring the client closer to a given topic and indicate how to act in a given situation, e.g. the due diligence procedure necessary for transactions with entities from the so-called tax havens, tax policy, WHT policy and due diligence policy.

Mergers, acquisitions and restructuring

We provide comprehensive tax services for transactions for Polish companies, foreign and international capital groups, small and medium-sized enterprises. Our specialists offer, among others, support in negotiations, estimation of the financial benefit associated with the process of planned changes or due diligence reviews.

Representation before administrative courts

We guarantee professional service at every stage of tax proceedings, not only before tax authorities, but also before administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court. Our team provides substantive support in completing the relevant documents, preparation of pleadings, complaints against the decision of the authority or cassation complaint and represents the client before the Supreme Administrative Court.

Training and workshops

We offer participation in trainings and workshops in order to get acquainted with or expand your knowledge in a given field of tax law. Thanks to an individual approach, our experts share their knowledge and many years of experience in the field that interests the client.

Excise tax

We advise on the settlement of excise tax, which minimizes the risk of tax arrears. We provide ongoing advice on the settlement of excise tax, draw up procedures and verify contracts in terms of excise tax regulations.


Transfer pricing documentation

Properly prepared and submitted on time transfer pricing documentation is crucial to ensure the taxpayer’s security in this area.  Due to the wide range of tax documentation necessary for preparation, it is worth using the help of experts. We offer our clients the preparation of tax documentation, including local file documentation, master file documentation or reports required by Polish authorities and assistance in the preparation of such documentation.

Benchmark – preparation of comparability analyses

A benchmark, i.e. a comparative analysis, is important from the perspective of a taxpayer who carries out a transaction with a related party in order to prove the legitimacy of the agreed price. The benchmark ensures that our client’s transaction in relation to unrelated entities would be on the same terms, and thus the authority will not question these transactions. We provide our clients with e.g. a properly prepared analysis.

Planning and structuring of transfer pricing settlements

In order to ensure consistent trading conditions, it is necessary to properly plan and shape the structure of transactions and their settlements. The application of different transfer pricing policies leads to an increase in tax risk and reservations of tax authorities. We provide our clients with, e.g. assistance in the development of specific procedures aimed at reducing the risk associated with the settlement of such transactions.

Transfer pricing disputes and proceedings

Transactions between related parties have now become one of the priorities of tax authorities’ audits. In order to ensure the lowest possible risk related to transfer pricing, our team represents clients during inspections and ongoing proceedings, as well as prepares and submits an application for advance pricing agreements.